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Sun Earth Solar modules provide the efficiency levels among the highest in the industry, with a range in scale from 5W to 280W.
Our panels are tailor-made to meet the needs of each specific project: from integrated photovoltaic installations for telecommunications and traffic, the off-grid applications intended to remote rural areas. In collaboration with our installation partners, we provide photovoltaic products adaptable to a variety of structures and conditions, such as dusty inland areas of Western China or those very hot sub-Sahariana.Il major advantage offered by the Sun-Earth system is right in the vertically integrated model of our photovoltaic production, which allows us to ensure excellent quality at every stage of production, from manufacturing of ingots to the development of the entire module. Thanks to the use of semiconductor technology, reduce the overall cost of energy production solare.Il vertically integrated production model of the Sun-Earth goes from the production of polysilicon to that of ingots, and then of the silicon wafer, until the development of solar cells and solar panels. This not only gives us a low power consumption across the entire chain of production, but also a higher level of quality, safety and cost reduction.


ll try our vertically integrated production model