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Our Success

The Sun-Earth was born in Ningbo, China, in 1966 as a pioneer manufacturer of semiconductors, particularly silicon ingots for military technology. Already in 1978, the Sun Earth is distinguished by producing the first cells and the first solar panels in China. In 1999, he opened a plant for the production of multicrystalline ingots in the commercial area of Ningbo and already by 2000 reached 80% of the domestic Chinese market. In 2004, the Sun-Earth also begins to export to Europe, by installing a number of photovoltaic systems for the public sector. In 2005, already includes important certifications such as UL, CE, TUV, ISO 19001 and IEC. In 2009 he reached the first target of annual photovoltaic capacity of 350 MW.
Nowadays, thanks to the security gained through years of experience allow us to offer our customers a guarantee of 25 years, more than half of the customers of the Sun-Earth renewed their commitment with us for at least another 10 years.

Since 2000, the Sun-Earth holds more than 80% of the domestic photovoltaic market in China.
Today, the Sun-Earth solar panels provides more than 80% of telecommunications equipment in China.

More than 30% of the portable solar stations in Africa is provided by the Sun-Earth. PV systems installed in China for 20 years for industries of telecommunications, maritime forest protection and continue today to operate in full efficiency.

According to the results of surveys carried out by the magazine PHOTON, the Sun-Earth holds more than 5% of the market of solar panels in Germany.

The Sun-Earth has several active collaborations in Spain, including a photovoltaic project in Almeria for a total of 24 MW of production, which is one of photovoltaic systems at the time the largest in the world.

The projects developed by the Sun-Earth systems include remote off-grid installed in rural areas, photovoltaic military, city lighting projects connected to networks of supply, street lighting, photovoltaic systems for the oil industry, back-up telecommunications and electricity for rail and road traffic.