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Silevo Inc.

Silevo, Californian manufacturer of photovoltaic modules, has always been considered an innovator in the industry, has evolved the use of silicon for photovoltaic applications in order to provide panels with high efficiency, good cost / performance ratio. The company was founded on the principle that an evolutionary technology of silicon solar cells can allow for a rapid acceleration of grid-parity and widespread adoption of photovoltaic technology.


(Place of Production Silevo)

Early years

SSilevo was founded in the summer of 2007 in the heart of Silicon Valley innovators by a pair of former directors of Applied Materials, Inc. with over 35 years of experience in semiconductor and innovative developments with more than 130 patents to their credit: Dr. Zheng Xu and Dr. Jianming Fu.

Dr. Xu and Dr. Zheng Jianming Fu are the creators of a new hybrid technology of solar cells that, by combining the best features of crystalline silicon, thin film and the architectures of CMOS semiconductor devices, it is able to achieve efficiencies more best performance together with temperature coefficients

In 2009, Dr. Xu and Dr. Fu have developed a proprietary solar cell technology, called Triex, powered by a new and innovative concept of “tunneling junction” solar cells. Also in 2009, have been recognized by the U.S. Department for the development of energy technologies (U.S. Department of Energy Technology Development) receiving grants and subsidies helpful to the growth of their company.

Silevo has experimented and validated the new technology in its U.S. headquarters in Fremont, CA, where he is currently carried out pilot production of cells Triex, made with cheap materials and manufacturing processes with stable, allowing a conversion efficiency of between 20-21 % of full-size supports. In addition, the technology roadmap shows Triex still have room for improvement to allow up to 24% conversion efficiency in commercial products.


Silevo is the first company to commercialize a Photovoltaic Cell at ‘Tunnel Junction’, a hybrid technology that couples the best features of three different materials:
1) substrate in crystalline silicon N-type,
2) Passivation of a thin film;
3) Oxide Semiconductor to optimize the performance of solar cells and modules to reduce costs.

The package of the revolutionary innovation of the cells of Silevo, coupled with the traditional crystalline silicon (c-Si), Triex allows modules to optimize all three performance indicators in order to provide the best value in the industry.

The proprietary technology of Triex Silevo maximizes the return on solar investments and enables a sustainable economy sun.



Technology Triex of Silevo

The solar cell of Triex Silevo is a unique device and owner based on the architecture of Tunneling Junction coupling tunneling oxide layers used in the semiconductor industry with more traditional thin film layers passivated and doped, allowing a device with a density of interface traps extremely low (DIT). This hybrid crystalline substrate of N-type, thin passivation film and oxide semiconductor in the architecture of Tunneling Junction, produces the benefits of all three materials.


Architecture Tunneling Junction Cells to Silicon Standard

The tunneling oxide layer of the cell Triex coupled with the thin-film passivation is the key to the excellent quality of the junction and the high Voc (Load Voltage), basic elements for the low temperature coefficients. Only the owner of Silevo approach with the cell Triex offers low temperature coefficients together with the ‘high level of efficiency at Standard Test Conditions (STC). This advanced architecture of the cells coupled with a package of traditional techniques on silicon allows the best performance of the photovoltaic industry, with projections of future efficiency of 24% in the coming years. The temperature coefficient affects the performance under actual conditions of use and, especially in regions with high solar radiation such as southern Europe, the products Silevo produce up to 6% more kWh / kWp of photovoltaic modules polycrystalline standard. This has a huge impact on the overall economics of a solar system, which means that in many cases it is undeniably more attractive to use modules with high efficiency and low temperature coefficient to maximize the value of the investment.

Commercial Products and expansion

In the early months of 2013 Silevo began to market high-efficiency solar modules in the U.S. market, with extremely positive results. In the summer of 2013 this expansion was then moved to the European market, where demand has exceeded the supply capacity in countries such as Belgium and Switzerland. In early 2014, after having announced an agreement to build a new plant in the state of New York, United States of America, Silevo has expanded its operations in Europe to include all major markets and with the aim of creating strong and lasting partnerships with a select group of high profile companies. With these partners Silevo will continue to penetrate the market with its unique offering of high efficiency PV modules at competitive prices.

Omnisun and Silevo recently signed a trade agreement which sees the company as the only Italian Italian partner.

Omnisun, thanks to this new partnership with Silevo, strengthens its presence in the market of high-profile as that of PV modules high and very high efficiency.



(Modules Silevo in a small commercial installation)