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We still remember the arrival of the customs of the early samples, was 2007, since then it has been a long time and the initial doubts are now a distant memory, today we have the knowledge to support and be supported by a company what is the absolute value Ningbo Solar Electric Power Co., Ltd.
We set up the Omnisun to represent the brand and Ningbo Sun-Earth in Italian and will promote its activities, most notably the sale but also, more importantly, support activities, not least the management of this space.

Integrity, humility and consistency: three words, the values ​​to which we aspire every day to come out of the difficulty.
integrity which means to be strong, be strong, it means believing in the future and its roots in its past .

Humility means flying low at this time, talking with the results, no big proclamations. Humility is our reference, the behaviors of our company are all marked by sobriety and humility.

Consistency in behavior, at work, in the same quality, never contradict each other.
Everyone we give our best to try to be consistent, to maintain the excellence and quality of work, starting with our general manager.
‘s intent these two lines was to introduce ourselves but also to thank all the people, our clients and partners who have allowed us to get here.

Massimiliano Maola

ps: August 7, 2008 he died in a car accident Andrea Pininfarina, invested driving his scooter on his way to work, he might have been somewhere else, but especially on vacation sitting comfortably in some luxurious car with a driver attached.
Nell ‘August 2005, during the holidays, Andrea Pininfarina wrote this prayer in the form of a “letter to God” .
Omnisun We, the contents of this letter we try to inspire us every day, do not always succeed in our aim but we try, always.
Happy reading and thanks as always for your attention.



Dear Lord,
I asked: “Can you ask God for something?». I think so, and we would like to try on this occasion. Obviously it is not something tangible or material: the timing of the letter to the Child Jesus for Christmas are long gone! I would rather confide what are the values ​​I believe in and ask you to help me to maintain, if not improve them, according to Thy divine judgment. The values ​​in which I believe are basically three and try to apply them and practice them with constancy and continuity:

– Integrity;

– Humility;

– Consistency.

Integrity : I consider it a collection of honesty and ethics very hard to find in the world of work, the economy and trade. Yet I believe it to be whole makes a difference: in order to be able to look in the mirror every morning without remorse or shame, knowing that they had always given the best of themselves with loyalty and respect for the rules.

Humility : very often those who succeed in life and work, it tends to look back rather than forward and to lose sight of the challenges of every day and especially humility. But I think that life is like a sport: every game, every race must be played with maximum effort, but remembering that every time you have to start from scratch. You can win or lose, but with dignity and with an attitude towards others that do not change over time as a function of their successes.

Consistency : this is a value that I believe in very much, and I believe that very little practiced in these times, in which opportunism and the ability to change based on events seem to be winning over any credibility.

These are my values. As I look at them? I defer to you and to your opinion: what I’d like to at least be able to pass them on to my children and to practice them with all those who live, work, interact with me.

But how do you end a letter like this without asking at least a little ‘attention to the people who are closest to me and who daily share my anxieties, my worries, my joys, my talents and my weaknesses? These are the people that I love the most, and that is my wife and my children, to whom I pray thee, my God, to give a full and happy life as much as mine.

Andrea Pininfarina