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Growatt New Energy, founded in March 2010, is a company specialized in the production of solar inverters excellent value for money. Growatt is already a “reference” in the global photovoltaic market: in a very short time, with a sales volume in the second half of the 2010, amounting to $ 5 million and more than 50 in calendar year 2011, it has become the number one exporter of inverter the whole of China.

Growatt considers technological innovation is essential for sustainable development: “We have established a research and development consists of more than 60 senior engineers and with a decade of experience in the concept of solar inverters at the international level. Thanks to the continued strengthening of our team of research and development, we have obtained more than 10 patents in testimony of our advanced technology. ”

Based in Shenzhen, the city “window” of China, Growatt currently employs 300 employees in the factory, of which over 50% is in possession of postgraduate qualifications.

The inverters Growatt are distributed in the markets of Europe, Asia and America, the same is also provided for some of the most renowned brands of inverters worldwide, personalized service ODM.
Our range includes solar inverters from 1.5 to 500kW, including our Growatt model 5000 which was tested by the authoritative international organization PHOTON receiving recognition of a high level of efficiency equal to 97.8%.

VDE0126 and CE for Europe, SAA for Australia, the United Kingdom G83, ENEL for Italy, RD1663 for Spain, ETL for the United States, Golden Sun for China are now available for all models.

Much of the production Growatt is exported: Our inverters are installed on a large scale in Germany, Italy, UK, France, Australia and New Zealand, counting a total of 50,000 pieces distributed in the past year. In order to offer a better service and efficient service to our European customers, we have opened an office in Frankfurt, Germany.
offices in Australia and the United States are next constitution.

In early 2011, the renowned company SEQUOIA CAPITAL CHINA MERCHANTS GROUP and the giant began a collaboration with Growatt , thus increasing the international prestige of our company and funding the development of new products and entry into new markets.
Our mission is oriented to the development of national and international markets and to maintain the high rate of growth that has characterized so far.


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