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Mission and vision

In HF Energy’s vision of the business economy is quite radical: to “win”, no one should miss.

This is tough to swallow for many of us in the business world, after all, even as children we have been conditioned to compete. They insisted that we should be the best in our class and encouraged us to be the first in the sport that we practiced.
We were constantly compared with others of whom told us that they were better, smarter and faster.
This produces a shortage of mind, and we begin to believe that the world is indeed a place of limited resources.
This false thought breeds fear, fear that in the world there is room enough for everyone to be able to succeed, fear of not being able to keep what we have. And this fear triggers an interesting situation: the more we fear losing if we help others to win, unless you end up having. The more we try to accumulate, the more we push away the abundance due.

In HF Energy we are dedicating ourselves to the service on the market itself, to create value, build relationships with the philosophy of benefit to all, we are sure that we will have the results, so it’s always been for us.

Our vision may seem rather idealistic: many may be so, but we must not forget that for hundreds, if not thousands of years, people in the business world has made starting from the mental approach based on fear and competition. Let’s look at where we took this philosophy? as there are companies that make a profit? few, then if we think the world of renewable energies, the number is reduced further.

Fear competition makes us suspicious of others, but not the way we work. Afraid to turn off our creativity greatly restricts our job opportunities, creates enormous pressure. So for almost a paradox, fighting the competition, in fact, we lower the levels with which we do business, rather than raise them. The solution is simple: HF Energy we strive to give the best of us.

Of course we have to think about certain market share and keep an eye on the competition at any time. This is a fact of the economy in which we operate

Some people are more talented than others. Some people are more privileged than others for the education they received. Yet we all have the ability to be great. The greatness comes from the note that our potential is limited only by our choices, in short from our attitude. And we are all free to choose our attitude, our is to instill confidence.

Trust is really so important? We have always heard things like the quality of products, the level of services and innovations are what really leads to success in business. Everything starts from the trust. People do business with people you trust. A constant interest and genuine kindness are powerful, especially in a commercial environment, where people are so busy that they forget how you treat people.

In HF Energy try to interest more to deepen the relationship, rather than subject us to sales because we believe that those will be made ​​automatically. The great business success really has to do with human contact.

One of the most important lessons we have learned through our previous work experience is that a large firm is built on a series of important conversations. Success in business comes from having well-thought conversations with customers but not limited to, colleagues as suppliers are equally important. If we stop for engaging in this sense, we lose trade.

By reading these few lines someone might think so today most of the business is a mistake?
The aim of Energy HF is naturally produce money, making money is important, but it is not our main motor.
We are increasingly convinced that the good companies are increasingly focused on profit, big instead focus on how to create great results for their clients.

Finally, we have always believed that, in business as in life for that matter, what is not measured will never be mastered. Our business has a number of parameters to monitor and continuously measure our progress.
When we started HF Energy, we have adopted a simple philosophy.
We took as a reference the best manufacturers of photovoltaic modules and we obtained a very clear picture of the way in which they operated. Then even though we were small we spent every day at work just like those international companies. In the morning, we always keep a quick meeting and a brief conversation about how we want to remind both the
HF Energy we are building.
At the end of the day we measure what we did, compared to our results against that idea.

In HF Energy measure our results on a daily basis in comparison to our vision.

Massimiliano Maola